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The Sutter Union High School Booster Club was established as a support group to encourage parent and community participation in Sutter Union High School sports activities and to raise funds to enhance and expand the athletic programs that are available to each individual student at Sutter Union High School.  The Booster Club feels strongly that parent and community involvement during the high school years can be a key to the success of the individual student.
Sutter High School promotes VICTORY WITH HONOR!
Realize that athletics are part of the educational experience, and the benefits of involvement go beyond the final score of the game.
Encourage your student to perform his/her best, in and out of the classroom.
Participate in positive cheers that encourage student athletes and discourage any cheers that redirect that focus - including those that taunt and intimidate opponents, fans and officials.Learn, understand, and respect the rules of the game, the officials who administer them and their decisions.
Respect opponents as student athletes and acknowledge them for striving to do their best.
Develop a sense of dignity and civility under all circumstances
The leadership role you take helps influence your child and our community for years to come.
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