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Sutter High Amateur Radio Club 


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Amateur Radio (HAM Radio) is a popular hobby and service that brings people, electronics and communication together. People use HAM Radio to talk across town, across the nation, around the world and even into space all without the internet or cell phone. It's fun social, educational and can be a life-line during times of need such as in an emergency. 
Being part of the Sutter High Amateur Radio Club (SHARC) will provide you with the opportunity to (under licensed supervision) get on the airwaves and talk all over the world with like-minded individuals who share an interest or passion for the hobby of HAM Radio.
 It will also provide you with the opportunity to learn all about the hobby including equipment setup and repair, antenna theory and building, the language of HAM Radio and much more!!!
 As a member of the club you will have the opportunity to become a licensed operator and set up your own Ham Radio station.
 If you find this interesting, contact Mr. Mason, Mr. Myers or any other SHARC member and we can get you involved and begin enjoying the benefits and fun of this club.