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Since 1893, Sutter Union High School has been one of the top schools in California in all areas of school life. I am very proud of all of our students. They have tremendous potential, and I believe they are the best, and they deserve the best possible educational experience. I care about each student and want them to have a successful life. Because I care, Sutter Union High School will hold each student to a higher standard. A common thread, Good Citizenship, will bind our Academic, Athletic, and Co-Curricular programs. 
What we learn in the classrooms and clubs will extend to the playing fields and into our community. Our beautiful campus reflects the combined efforts of students, parents, faculty, classified staff, administration, and the community. Together, we make a great team.
Please remember that my office is open to all students, staff, and community members as the school year progresses. All are welcome to drop in; I have an open-door policy. If you have questions, concerns, or want to say hello, please do not hesitate to see me.
Let’s have a great school year!
Ryan Robison, Superintendent/Principal