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AP Exam:
  • All Students are automatically assigned the AP Test once they register for the class.
  • All students taking an AP test, must pay their $98.00 (for each test), on or before the end of school Friday, November 10th.
  • Students are requires to notify  Mr. Landa, in person, by Friday, November 10th (before the end of school day) if they are not taking their AP Test.
  • Students that notify Mr. Landa after November 10th, will be charges a cancellation fee ($40).
Fee Reduction Option:
  • Students who qualify for the Federal Free or Reduced Lunch Program are eligible to have their AP Exam fee waived (free of cost) or reduced.
  • Use the link for a Free or Reduced Lunch Income Eligibility Guidelines and Free or Reduced Lunch Application form (also in Spanish).  Please complete this form as soon as possible to determine if your student qualifies for an AP Exam Waiver or Reduction.
  • The College Board charges a $40.00 late fee in addition to the cost of the exam ($98.00) to students who submit payment after November 10, 2023 (Total Cost is $138.00).  There is also a $40.00 late fee if you fail to notify Mr. Landa, in person, that you are electing not to take an AP test.
  • The College Board charges a $40.00 cancellation fee if students decide after November 10, 2023 that they no longer want to take their AP Exam.  If you elect not to take the test after paying, $98.00 minus the $40 cancellation fee equals a partial refund of $58.00. 
  • Sitting to take the AP exam is optional. However, the workload is the same whether or not students take the AP exam. Students who choose not to take the AP exam, but pass the course, will still receive SUHS course credit and the AP grade bump.

    *All Advanced Placement courses are taught with college level guidelines. In some AP classes, work will be required over summer breaks and weekends. While AP students are not required to take the AP Exam, only those who attempt the AP Exam will receive AP/ Honors Scale grading. Taking these courses does not guarantee that you will pass the AP exam given by the College Board.