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Sutter Yuba Community Foundation Scholarship (SYCF)


Applications must be received by 5:00 pm (not postmarked by) March 29, 2024​

​The SYCF established this financial award to develop the talent and resources of our community. It is intended to assist graduation seniors and returning students embarking on post-secondary education or training programs. The financial awards may be applied to two- and four-year learning institutions and accredited career training programs. Awards will be up to $1500 and will be appropriate to the career and educational goals stated by applicant.

The scholarship award is open to any Sutter or Yuba County resident who intends to enroll in post high school training or college. Applicants must clearly indicate the award category in which they are applying and cannot apply in more than one category.



To be eligible for the scholarship, student applicants must

1) be a graduating senior at a high school in the Sutter-Yuba area or a returning student,

2) plan to attend trade school, college, or continuing education,

3) maintain a 2.5 GPA overall, and

4) show proof of acceptance into a trade school or 2 or 4 year college/university or accredited career training program.