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Deadline: September 30, 2023


Who: Current high school or college students age 15 years or older.

What: This scholarship encourages students to identify and take action to improve a weakness and begin to transform it into a strength.


Amount: $1,000. May be used at any college to study any major.


Financial Literacy

Of the many rites of passage that you experience going off to college one of the most important is that you are now completely responsible for your own personal finances. Not only do you have your own bank accounts and credit cards, but you can now spend freely without having to ask Mom or Dad. While this freedom can be exhilarating, you now also have some major expenses such as tuition, books and room and board. For many it will be your first exposure to carrying debt in the form of student loans.

Gaining the skills to manage your personal finance is commonly known as financial literacy. Building a strong foundation of financial literacy now is critical to your long-term success in everything from buying a house to ensuring you have enough for retirement.


To encourage you to become financially literate, we are offering a $1,000 Active Life Scholarship for Financial Literacy. To apply simply complete the application on this page.


Click SCHOLARSHIP to access our online application.