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The leading scholarship database, our platform is designed to simplify the scholarship search for high school, trade school students, and college students. No more digging to find scholarships you qualify for. Students create a profile and get personalized scholarship recommendations.


Fastweb isn't just for scholarships. We provide students and their parents with helpful information to help them navigate their educational journeys– from college or trade school, throughout college and/or graduate school, and into career.


1. Create your profile

After signing up, you'll customize your profile by answering a few questions.


2. Get instant scholarship matches

Using your unique profile, you'll get a list of scholarships you qualify for based upon your strengths, interests, student activities and skills.


3. Apply. Get money for college!

Each time you log in you're greeted with new scholarship matches, and the total value of the scholarships you qualify for! Filter through your list, save those you're interested in and start applying for scholarships.