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Yuba College Dual Enrollment: Summer/Fall 2024


Important Dates and Things To Remember:

  • The CCCApply online application is available for both the summer and fall semesters as of February 28th

    • If the student submits an application for enrollment for the summer 2024 term, they do not need to submit an application for the fall 2024 term; summer applications cover both summer and fall terms.

  • Once a student completes the online Yuba College application, they should receive an email after 24 hours on how to retrieve their Yuba College ID

    • The College ID# must be written on the High School Request Form before you meet with your SUHS Counselor to discuss college course options.

  • Yuba College Admissions will begin accepting and processing High School Request Forms on May 6th

  • Students must meet with their SUHS Counselor in order to have their High School Request Forms reviewed and have their intended courses approved.

  • After a student meets with their SUHS Counselor, and their form and college course selections are approved, the student will meet with Mrs. Collazo to have her sign the High School Request Form and to provide the next steps/instructions that the student needs to follow.

    • Recommendation forms will only be signed for students who are passing their high school coursework with “C’s” or better, who have met with their SUHS Counselor for course approval, and who meet the Yuba College course eligibility requirements.

    • Mrs. Collazo will be available to provide assistance to students regarding the Dual Enrollment Process AND to sign High School Request Forms: BEFORE SCHOOL and DURING THE LUNCH BREAK

  • Students will submit completed High School Request Forms to the Yuba College Admissions Office in person at either college campus or via the students’ YUBA COLLEGE EMAIL account to for processing.

  • Once Yuba College Admissions approves the student to take their submitted college course requests, the student may enroll themselves in the approved courses as of May 20th.



A separate High School Request Form is needed for each of the semesters; one form for the Summer 2024 semester and a separate form for the Fall 2024 semester.

The deadline to have your High School Request form

signed by Mrs. Collazo for the FALL 2024 semester is

JUNE 28TH by 3:30 pm