Library Rules

  • Sutter High School Library

    The mission of the Sutter High School Library is the creation of successful, enthusiastic, readers and learners with college career readiness. Music and movies already contain labels about content; books do not. Most of books we purchase are from the Junior Library Guild, which reviews the titles. Others are selected from “What’s New in Young Adult Literature,” and include many titles that become medal winners or are made into movies. Young adult literature titles are, by definition, intended for ages 12-18. Although most middle schools, as well as high schools, have young adult titles on their shelves, some may contain more mature themes or content. Please get to know the library and the library collections. These are available to every student in grades 9-12 unless parental restriction has been given in writing.

    The library will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. for student use as well as parents, and teachers. All magazines, books, etc., may be checked out for two weeks and renewed if needed. The fine for overdue books and other materials will be $.05 each night. You are responsible for lost or damaged materials and will be charged for them. You must always have a Student Identification Card to be used to check out textbooks and library materials. It is your responsibility to verify material checked in/out at the time of transaction.

    Library Rules

    1. Students entering the library on a pass must give the pass to the librarian or assistant upon arrival.

    2. Food and Drinks are not allowed in the library or library lab. No running or excessively loud noises.

    3. Books and other materials that are not checked out should be left on the tables for the library assistants to reshelf.

    4. Check out materials in plenty of time before the bell rings.

    5. All books and other materials must be checked out before leaving the library.

    6. Students may use the computers in the library for educational purposes. No personal software is allowed. Games and/or programs may NOT be placed on the server.

    7. The library has an electronic card catalog that can be accessed from the desktop on library computers or from home via the Sutter Union High School Website. Several online database programs and electronic encyclopedias are incorporated into the catalog including Electric Library, a comprehensive and easy-to-use on-line reference tool. Electric Library aggregates hundreds of maps, magazines, journals and newspapers, two thousand classic books, thousands of photographs, as well as major works of art and literature.

    8. There is a $5.00 cost for replacing lost Student Identification Cards.

    Lost Textbooks / Equipment

    Students are responsible for textbooks and any equipment that is lost or damaged while in their possession. Any damage beyond the normal use to textbooks including barcode damage will be charged to the student. All fines and bills for lost or damaged books and equipment must be paid prior to taking finals. Students must pay for lost/damaged books before new books will be issued. If a textbook, which had been lost and paid for, is found, the student has until June 30th of the current school year to return the textbook for a refund less a processing fee. There will be no refunds for lost textbooks returned to inventory after June 30th of the current year. Payments are to be made at the ASB window before school, at break, lunch or after school. The receipt (including online receipts) must be brought to the library to be cleared from the overdue/fines list. Keeping books in classrooms is not advised. Missing books are still the responsibility of the student.