• Sutter Union High School located in the town of Sutter, which is five miles west of Yuba City in Northern California.  Sutter Union High School is accredited through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.  Sutter Union High Schools population, as of 7/30/2019, is comprised of 238 freshman, 169 sophomores, 179 juniors and 156 seniors for a total of 742 students.  The school day contains seven periods, each lasting 50 minutes.  We have eight grading periods, four progress reports and four quarters (two semesters).  The grading system is based on a 4.0 scale: 90%=A, 80%=B, 70%=C, 60%=D and 50% and below = F. 

    Sutter High School graduation requirements include earning a minimum of 250 credits and completing a Senior Job Shadow and Portfolio Project. All students must take and pass English = 8 semesters, Social Science = 8 semesters, Science = 4 semesters, Math = 8 semesters, Vocational Education = 2 semesters, Physical Education = 4 semesters (must be taken 9th and 10th grade year), and Fine Arts or Foreign Language = 2 semesters.  All seniors must maintain 90% attendance during their senior year.

    Sutter Union High School also offers 10 AP classes which include the following subject matter: US History, English 11 & 12, Calculus, Economics, Government, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Art (Studio Art and 2 D Design). We offer Honors Courses in Spanish III and IV.  The Math Department offers Honors Integrated Math 2 and 3. Of the 2018 Senior Class Graduates (a total of 166 students), 23% attended a four-year university out of high school, 64% attended community colleges, 3.5% attended a trade school, 2.5% joined the military, 1% participated in internships/study abroad and 6% went straight to work.

    AP = 10   Honors = 4

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