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  • Attention students and parents, 


    Welcome back from Spring Break. I hope it was a restful and enjoyable time for all of you. As of the writing of this letter on Sunday, it remains unclear if we will be returning to school on May 4 or we will be doing distance learning for the rest of the year. Like you, I am planning for the worst and hoping for the best. Our main project moving forward, “To Kill a Mockingbird,” is something we are starting now and will be able to finish online or in the classroom if that becomes an option. 


    Thank you for all of your hard work. As the grading period ends this week, I am continuing to grade assignments and input them in the Aeries gradebook, which is where the final grades will appear (not the gradebook in Google Classroom). If you still have unfinished assignments from the first three weeks, make them up as soon as possible. This week’s assignments will also be included in this grading period, which ends this Friday. 


    Here are this week’s assignments: 


    1. Read Ch. 1 of “To Kill a Mockingbird” using the pdf copy of the book in the Google Classroom home page. Be sure to read the entire text of the chapter (about the first 8 pages of the document). Online summaries may be a useful resource for some of you, but our assignments and next week’s quiz on this chapter will require an understanding of the quotes and details in Ch. 1, so read the text closely. 
    2. Character Profiles -- As you read this chapter and those moving forward, fill in details about each character in these sheets. PLEASE NOTE: THESE CHARACTER PROFILES ARE NOT DUE THIS WEEK. We will be starting them this week and adding to them over the coming weeks, after which we will turn them in. 
    3. Ch. 1 questions -- Answer the questions and prompts in the two-page Google Slides document. When completed, submit this assignment by hitting the “turn in” button. Do not “share” it back to me. 
    4. Quickwrite -- After reading the chapter, write a response of at least 75 words to the writing prompt (about Boo Radley) at the bottom of the Ch. 1 questions. You will write your response to this question in your copy of a separate Google document that you will write on and “turn in.”
    5. “Mockingbird” verbal response on Flipgrid -- After reading the chapter, answer a two-part question in a 1-2 minute video that you post. As you noticed last time (and you are notified of after you create your video), I am moderating and screening your videos before they go on to the classroom grid, so if they don’t show up right away that is why.

    *** EXTRA CREDIT: Tell the class about your Spring Break and earn 100 points extra credit. Check out the question thread in Google Classroom.  


    Have fun in Maycomb. If you get drawn into the story, feel free to continue reading. E-mail me with any questions you may have. 


    Mr. Tuttle

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  • Dear students and parents, 


    As we enter Week 3, we are on the final stretch to Spring Break, which officially starts on Friday. Since we have a shorter week, we have only three assignments to complete. Additionally, now that most students are on Google Classroom and completing their assignments, I will begin this week to post grades to Aeries. 


    We will now embark on reading one of the most popular, well-written, and significant books in history: “To Kill a Mockingbird.” We will start reading the story when we return from Spring Break, but this week we will get an understanding of why this book is considered so important by looking at its historical context. This refers to the social, economic, and political conditions that exist during a certain time and place. 


    There are three assignments for this week:

    1. Unit 14 Vocabulary Worksheet -- The words are in a PDF attached to the assignment; the Vocabulary Worksheet is a Google Form  that you will complete and turn in for a grade. 
    2. “To Kill a Mockingbird” background: View the following videos and read the “Background Information” document. Then complete and turn in the “Mockingbird” Background Questions. 
    3. “Prejudice: A Closer Look” -- Complete 2-page graphic organizer: Write answers in the squares provided and turn in when finished. 


    Have a great Spring Break. E-mail me at rtuttle@sutterhigh.k12.ca.us with any questions. 


    Mr. Tuttle







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