• For Students to log into their Google Account for the first time:  

    Step 1: Go to: http://classroom.google.com -> Go to Classroom

    Step 2: Sign in using Student Email address: (Your 5 Digit Student Number) 12345@sutterhigh.org  

    Step 3: Type in your Student Password: Your current password to log on the computers at school.  If you have never logged on to a computer, try SUHSD12345 (All Capitol Letters + Student Number)  

    Step 4: Choose I am a Student  

    Step 5: Click the + Icon on the Top Right Side and choose Join Class 

    Step 6: Enter the Class Code that was given to you by your Teacher.

    ** If you are not able to sign in to your Google Account or you have not received a phone call or email from your Teacher regarding your Class Code for each period, you can email your teacher, click on the Mail 5 icons icon to send an email to your teacher to get the code. ** 


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