• For Students to log into their Google Account for the first time:  

    Step 1: Go to: http://classroom.google.com -> Go to Classroom

    Step 2: Sign in using the Student Email address: (Your 5 Digit Student Number) Example: 12345@sutterhigh.org  

    Step 3: Type in your Student Password: SUHSD12345 (All Capitol Letters + Student Number)  

    Step 4: Choose I am a Student  

    Step 5: Click the + Icon on the Top Right Side and choose Join Class 

    Step 6: Enter the Class Code that was given to you by your Teacher

    *You will need the Class Code associated with the class you are attempting to access. This should have been provided by your Teacher or you may find it on your Teacher's Webpage.  Email your Teacher if you are having issues logging in or need the Class Code.*