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Payroll & Employee Services

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Useful Links:
Escape Employee Portal
The Escape Employee Portal gives you direct access to your payroll records. You may perform the following tasks in the Employee Portal:

  • View/Print pay stubs
  • View/Print W2s
  • View/Modify demographic information (address, physician/emergency contacts, etc.)
  • View/Modify withholding information

Tri-Counties Insurance Group (TCSIG)
SUHSD full-time employees are eligible to receive health insurance benefits through TCSIG (medical, vision, and dental). Changes to health insurance benefits are made during the open enrollment period, during the month of May. 
Claims processing is handled through Health Comp. Health Comp provides online access to members to access ID cards, check plan status, understand coverage, review claims, and submit enrollment forms all in one place. If you have a question regarding a claim or coverage, contact Health Comp at (800) 442-7247.

Salary Schedules

Salary Schedules