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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the safety measures that the state and federal government have decreed, testing has been interrupted.
ACT and SAT testing is currently unavailable in the state of California.
As such, CSU's and UC in California are not requiring ACT/SAT testing for students applying for enrollment in Fall 2021.
If you plan to apply to private colleges in California or to colleges outside of California, visit the college website for their specific admissions/testing requirements. If a college you plan to apply to DOES require testing, it is the student's responsibility to take the ACT/SAT and submit scores to said college(s). You are able to take the ACT/SAT anywhere that it is being offered (i.e. Nevada). 
Visit ACT Updates for up-to-date information     
Visit SAT Updates for up-to-date information     
Check the ACT and SAT Websites OFTEN for possible test center availability in California:
Please Note: Some colleges, while they do not require ACT/SAT testing, will use ACT/SAT scores to determine eligibility for campus specific scholarships.