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There are two ways to apply as a First-Year student:
Contact the Admissions Office at:
Oregon State University
104 Kerr Admin Building
Corvallis, Oregon 97331-2106
Phone: 541-737-4411  ~  Toll-free: 800-291-4192  ~  Fax:  541-737-2482  ~
Admission Requirements Fall 2021
Oregon State University has a holistic admissions process which looks at the following items for each of our applicants, with the goal of identifying and admitting students who have the skills, abilities, and drive to succeed at OSU:
  • Your high school grades
  • Rigor of coursework, considered in the context of options at your school
  • Class rank
  • Grades in any college or dual-credit courses
  • Information provided in your personal statement on the application
  • Your responses to one of our available application essay prompts
Test scores, if submitted, are never the sole or primary reason for an admissions decision; they are always considered in context and as supplemental information.
OSU neither requires, nor accepts, letters of recommendation except when a student is appealing a denial.
Visit the Freshmen/First-year Admissions Requirements page for full details on admissions requirements.
Application and process changes
  • The OSU-specific application has been redesigned as part of our move to Slate.  OSU continues to accept freshman applications via Common App or our OSU-specific application.
  • The Insight Resume short essay questions have been eliminated, although Honors College applicants will see a few of those questions in that section of the application.
  • OSU will now require an essay response to one of the Common Application essay prompts.  These same prompts are available on the OSU-specific app if students apply that way.
  • OSU will consider (but not require) a personal statement and/or a response to the Covid-19 impact essay prompt available through Common App as part of a more holistic review of applicants.
  • Students may now report both unweighted GPA (required) and weighted GPA (optional) so that we can better understand their performance in rigorous coursework.
  • Students will be able to update some information from their application after it is submitted using their portal called Beaver Basecamp.
  • Students can also upload unofficial transcripts via Beaver Basecamp. We will make admission decisions based on unofficial transcripts, only requiring an official final HS transcript.
  • Students will complete most of their pre-enrollment activities through Beaver Basecamp (confirming enrollment, applying for housing, registering for orientation, etc.).
OSU has permanently moved to a test-optional admissions policy.  Applicants have the ability to indicate whether or not they'd like us to consider their scores in the admissions and scholarship selection process.  Our practices will ensure that, if a student chooses to share them, scores can only help a student, not disadvantage them.  Students will first indicate if they'd like to apply test-optional on their application for admission.  Once they've submitted their application, they'll be able to change whether or not they want us to consider their scores through their portal, Beaver Basecamp.
In lieu of test scores, our admissions decision process will become more holistic.  Learn more about how we'll consider students without scores here.
In recent years students were able to see on a simple grid what scholarship amount they'd get based on GPA and test score.  While transparent, changes to test-optional and a push to better align scholarship and institutional need awards to our access mission has led to OSU going "off grid" with our scholarship awards.  Students will no longer see a guaranteed scholarship amount on a published grid.  However, we will continue to make scholarship awards on a rolling basis, with qualifying students being offered a competitive scholarship award within a few weeks of being admitted.  This pertains to both resident and non-resident students.
A new scholarship opportunity for both residents and non-residents is the Diversity Achievement Scholarship, which will support students who are actively working to advance diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice. To be considered, admitted students must submit an application through our online scholarship search and application system, OSU ScholarDollars, by March 1st. Awards are $3,000 annually and renewable for up to two years total.
Another change will be in the names of our centrally awarded non-resident scholarships.  We will no longer be using state-specific scholarship names (Golden State, Aloha State, Evergreen State and Gem State).  Instead, most qualifying students will be offered a similar award named the Provost Scholarship. 
We are excited to announce that we will be awarding the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) Scholarship again.  This scholarship is competitive and awarded based on a holistic review of the application for admission.  Not every qualifying student from a participating western state or territory will be offered a WUE Scholarship.
Key deadlines for Fall 2021 applicants
  • Early Action Deadline (application and documents) - November 2
  • Priority Application Deadline for admission and scholarship consideration - February 1
  • Document deadline for students applying by Priority Deadline - February 12